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   Did you know a healthy, well-fertilized tree with a strong root system is less susceptible to insects and pests, and more resistant to disease and nutrient deficiencies?

   Drought conditions in the Denver area over the past several years caused considerable damage to both young and mature trees. If left untreated, a tree could die and become a hazard and/or an eyesore. 

   According to the Colorado State University Extension, some indicators your tree roots are in distress include yellow leaves, reduced growth, and branch dieback. Mushrooms or conks around the tree bottom and a white fungus located under the bark are also symptomatic of suffering roots. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

Preventative maintenance is easier and cheaper than treating problems after they arise. Yearly deep root fertilization, in early Spring or late Fall, can greatly improve the hardiness and increase the longevity of your valued tree. It will also green up your canopies, giving your trees a more vibrant appearance. 

    Call our office or request a FREE ESTIMATE today to receive an evaluation of your property and give your trees that extra boost they need.

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